Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why Free Is Better

Why in our world of expensive commercial software would the free offering be superior and preferred?

It might surprise you, but it is not just about cost, although cost plays an important role.

Free has been used as a competitive deferrentiator for many years. Free makes people work harder and smarter and focus on the most important bits. Free drives innovation and adoption. Large numbers of more active and involved users drive rapid enhancements and technological advancement.

The technologies that underpin the Internet were made freely available, attracted large user bases, spawned rapid user-led and user-inspired enhancements, and the end result has been transformative to global society.

OSCAR is a freely licensed EMR. It is also the most compelling and competative offering on the market in Canada today.

Pound for pound, feature for feature, you can do no better. OSCAR is as good, if not better, than every single commercial offering in Canada, and it doesn't cost a dime.

Large numbers of doctors across Canada use OSCAR every day. These same doctors continually improve OSCAR by making suggestions and contributing energy and effort to ensure OSCAR remains the best EMR.

Just like the Internet itself, OSCAR is improved everyday by its users, and that is why free is better.


sanjeev.goel said...

I am an ontario emr user considering switching to oscar. I was wondering if the oscar developers will be applying for CMS Specification v3.0 through ontariomd. Any help, advice would be much appreciated.

information on this can be found at www.ontariomd.ca

Anonymous said...

OSCAR developers are moving forward to support the Ontario CMS v3.0 specification.

An interesting fact is that OSCAR was the very first EMR that passed the v2.0 specification when it was finalized.