Saturday, December 6, 2008

American Medical Informatics Association

See the announcement below. The American Medical Informatic Association have produced a
white paper on Free and Open Source (FOSS) in health care. It is well referenced and makes interesting reading. Two very interesting aspects of it for me are the data on use of FOSS in health care and the discussion of the pros and cons of FOSS and proprietary(closed source/secret) software.

I think this is a very important paper and should be read by/shown to, all health care managers who have any role in choosing/commissioning software.

links to the full pdf of the paper.

The American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) Open Source
Working Group has released its Free and Open Source White Paper with
press release: "...Even the most skeptical interpretation of the
numbers presented on Free and Open Source deployments and patients
shows that these systems are being used in sizable numbers," said
Ignacio Valdes, MD, MSc the primary author of the paper and chair of
the AMIA Open Source Working Group. He continues, "This paper is for
practitioners, CIO's, IT staff, and policymakers making difficult
health IT decisions with valid concerns about cost, ethics,
interoperability, patient privacy, security and the future of their
organizations in the hands of proprietary software. This white paper
should be a must-read for every organization that uses or is
contemplating the use of Electronic Medical Records."

Complete text and links to the paper and press release

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