Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Care in remote communities - and OSCAR

Today I went on my weekly visit to some remote reserve communities. Whilst there I connected to OSCAR in our office and accessed results, ordered tests, prescribed and charted as usual. All over a satellite internet connection (the communities have no telephones or grid electricity). Then the idea hit me. Usually I give folks their prescriptions or print them when I get back to the office and they get to the pharmacy by the next day. Folks have to travel up to the pharmacy to collect their medications. There is delay in that process. So today, I generated the prescriptions in OSCAR, had the office print them in Pemberton and get them to the pharmacy and then contacted one of the remote community members to pick the medications up so that they arrived in the communities the same day. Now......all we need is for pharmacies to be able to accept electronic prescriptions and then we will have really streamlined things.

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