Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Counting Heads - How Many OSCAR Users?

The total number of OSCAR users, as it is an open source product which can be freely downloaded and redistributed, is hard to quantify, but here is what we know (as of November, 2008):
  • OSCAR has been downloaded over 15,000 times.

  • OSCAR has been installed in a number of countries including, Canada, US, Australia, Columbia, Brazil, Italy, and South Africa. Furthermore, the Brazilian government funded 10 developers to translate OSCAR into Portuguese.

In Canada,
  • OSCAR is being used within the Family Medicine units of McMaster University and McGill University, by the City of Toronto's Client Access to Integrated Services and Information (CAISI) Project, with rural doctors in Ontario and BC and a number of family practices and by both large and small clinics in the metropolitan areas around Vancouver, Toronto, and Hamilton.

  • The OSCAR community is aware of approximately 500 active OSCAR practitioners in Ontario, BC, Quebec and Prince Edward Island. Over 350 of these users are in Ontario.

  • OSCAR is commercially supported by a significant number of independent vendors, offering the end user a real choice in their selection of how they would like to support their own environments.

  • The OSCAR community continues to grow everyday.

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