Tuesday, May 19, 2009

OSCAR Certifies OntarioMD CMS Spec 3.0

OSCAR Canada is very happy to announce that the OSCAR EMR is now OntarioMD CMS Spec 3.0 (conditionally) certified.

OSCAR is the only open source EMR in Canada that is certified by OntarioMD. Furthermore, no other OntarioMD certified EMR solution gives you complete and unfettered access to your data, the database that it is stored in, and the source code for the solution - now and forever.

As we've discussed before, CMS Spec 3.0 certification is a major achievement in the life of the OSCAR project.

OSCAR users can be very confident that their chosen EMR continues to advance technically and in conjunction with important public standards such as those being defined by OntarioMD.

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jel said...

I asked what 'conditionally' means and I was told that it is not really a restriction it is just that that term isn't removed until a practice has been using the certified version of the EMR for 2 months and has signed off that it works. I am told that this system was brought in because proprietary EMR vendors were certifying one version of their EMR but implementing another! I have not double checked this information with OntarioMD.