Friday, March 20, 2009

OSCAR & OntarioMD CMS v3.0

The OSCAR team has spent this last week going through OntarioMD's CMS Specification v3.0 conformance testing.

CMS Specification v3.0 introduces requirements to provide better functionality to support chronic disease management, to enhance querying and reporting capabilities within CMSs, and to connect CMSs to the comprehensive knowledge resources available on the physician website. It also includes refinements to existing requirements to better serve the needs of the healthcare community.

The CMS Specification also prepares certified Offerings for e-Health initiatives such as the Ontario Laboratory Information System (OLIS) and the provincial Diabetes Registry.

Official results are pending, but our team is very confident about the outcome.

Once achieved, the certification as a CMS v3.0 compliant application will mark another major milestone in the life of the OSCAR open source project.

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