Wednesday, March 18, 2009

OSCAR - The #1 Open Source EMR in Canada

OSCAR users may believe it to be an obvious statement, considering the large number of clinics and doctors that rely on OSCAR everyday in support of their delivery of world class patient care, but OSCAR is the #1 open source EMR in Canada.

OSCAR powered clinics can be found across this great, multicultural land, from Prince Edward Island on the Atlantic Ocean, across 6,000 kilometers of lands and lakes to Vancouver Island on the Pacific.

There is a French version of OSCAR being developed in Quebec, and there is a Portuguese version of OSCAR that was developed in Brazil.

OSCAR EMR is spreading everyday! Recently, OSCAR has been gaining a global footprint.

To illustrate, the map below shows the global downloads of the OSCAR installation tutorial in the last couple weeks.

What this graphic shows is that on average, every day, someone in the US is reading about installing OSCAR. Every second day, someone in India and someone else Mexico is doing the same. Once a week, someone in Argentina and Austria is giving it a go.

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