Friday, May 1, 2009

Has OSCAR Become the #2 EMR in Ontario?

We know that OSCAR is the #1 open source EMR in Canada, but how does it compare to the proprietary vendors as far as market share?

Most proprietary EMR solutions are extraordinarily expensive to operate. To encourage EMR usage, provincial governments across Canada have developed programs to fund doctors as they transition to electronic records. Because the governments are paying the bills, they have a pretty good idea of EMR market share.

Recently the Ontario government published EMR market share statistics, current for March 2009, in Ontario.

The unfortunate part of these statistics is that OntarioMD only counts the doctors that have been funded by the government, and not the actual number of doctors using an EMR.

OSCAR users have recently been counting themselves to get a sense of how large our community is. Our current understanding is that there are 438 physicians using OSCAR in Ontario.

Further analysis of the data leads to an interesting conclusion - OSCAR may now be the EMR in Ontario with the 2nd largest market share, when measured by the actual number of physicians using an EMR.

By updating the OntarioMD statistics, and swapping out funded physicians with just physicians, we find that OSCAR is catapulted into 2nd position, when measuring market share.

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