Wednesday, April 22, 2009


OSCAR Roadmap
(last update, April 15, 2009)

The OSCAR Roadmap strategy is to target two formal releases each year - in April and October. We've adopted a new numbering strategy consistent with other significant open source projects, specifically following the format Year.Month. The next release will be version 9.04.

Source code will continue to be available for interim and development releases.

OSCAR is based on a community based development model. Current contributors to the OSCAR project include:
- Large institutions (e.g. McMaster, McGill & City of Toronto)
- Independent companies (e.g. OSCAR support companies)
- User Groups (e.g. OSCAR Canada Users Society)
- Independent clinics and individual doctors

We encourage all users and organizations that are working on significant new features to inform us of what they are doing so that we can support and publicize their efforts.

Whenever possible, our intention is to be transparent about what features are currently committed (ie funded and scheduled), and which are currently planned (ie prioritized, but funding/scheduling is still being organized).

Spring Release - April, 2009 - OSCAR v9.04 (committed)

- OntarioMD CMS Spec v3.0 conformance, including improved data portability, chronic disease management, and diabetes reporting
- French OSCAR & improved internationalization
- OSCAR Measurements extensions to enable easier end user customization
- Improvements to the encounter page (additional CPP input boxes)
- Customizable CDM flow sheets and new CDM flow sheets for other diseases
- ICL lab interface
- support for OntarioMD web portal
- enhanced support for MyOSCAR, including
-> create patient myoscar account from the demographic screen
-> direct pasting of the myoscar message into eChart roll
- enhanced support for MyDrugRef, including
-> display/hide MyDrugRef messages while prescribing
-> show how many untrusted postings

Fall Release - October, 2009 - OSCAR v9.10 (planned, unless noted otherwise)

- (committed) Billing subsystem improvements and extensions, including BC specific improvements, multi-jurisdictional support allowing easier regional localizations
- Prescription subsystem improvements (workflow and functionality)
- Document handling and workflow routing enhancements, including scans delivered to inbox, improved document tagging
- Improvements to the allergy module (improved interactions)
- Reworked INR flow sheet
- Code maintenance, UI cleanup, improved documentation

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