Wednesday, March 16, 2011

OntarioMD Approval – OSCAR + Integrator Data Sharing

Today, the OSCAR community received the official approval from OntarioMD for the OSCAR + Integrator distributed data sharing solution. The OSCAR + Integrator solution is now fully OMD funding eligible for distributed health care teams (Configuration 1 Data Sharing).

The clear benefit of this solution is the allowance for the total EMR autonomy of each clinic, while still being able to share information electronically throughout a large group.

This certification is a very big deal.

Finally, large and small distributed health care teams have a real choice for their EMR solution. You are no longer required to support everyone in your organization via a single centralized location; each clinic can manage their own independent EMR, and the Integrator automatically and transparently handles the distribution of appropriate information from one clinic to another.

With the Integrator, each individual clinic, in conjunction with its patients, can decide how much clinical information to share throughout the larger circle of care. Extensive security and user control allows you to safely and efficiently share your entire chart, a few key components of it, or none of it at all.

For example, in a Family Heath Organization with 35 doctors spread across 20 clinics, each clinic could run an independent OSCAR EMR server (1 x EMR solution per clinic), whilst the group would deploy a single Integrator to facilitate the sharing of relevant patient information amongst the entire group (1 x Integrator solution per organization).

The OSCAR community has much to be proud of in the attainment of this certification. Our engineers leveraged the excellent work of the OSCAR and CAISI projects to deliver an exceptionally usable solution, bringing together the very best of both projects in support of large health organizations.

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