Friday, June 4, 2010

Transforming your Patient Engagement: OSCAR on the iPad

Say goodbye to that "third person" in your examining rooms.

OSCAR is the only Ontario Certified EMR platform that runs on the Apple iPad. This fact is true because OSCAR is a standards based web application that has not been hardwired into a specific operating system or web browser.

OSCAR clinicians today are currently experiencing the joys of engaging their patients using the unobtrusive iPad technology. Early feedback has been extremely encouraging, although there are still some issues to work through (native printing within the iPad is not currently supported, however, there is an app for that).

iPad and iPad-like technology will revolutionize your engagement with your patients and, if you are an OSCAR user, you are already good to go.

OSCAR users - isn't it nice to know that you picked the right solution, one that was mindful of the pervasive transformative technology trends? Congratulations.

(Yes - this is a big deal)

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