Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Of OSCAR, iPhones And iSlates

This is what OSCAR looks like when running on an iPhone.

I've used my iPhone a number of times to access OSCAR in a pinch, when I needed access to the EMR but was nowhere near a regular computer, or a regular internet.

In a pinch, OSCAR works fine on the iPhone, or any other one of these new breed of smart-phones-with-a-proper-web-browser-and-a-relatively-decent-mobile-internet-connection.

However, a pocket sized handheld computer is not a device for everyday EMR usage.

As we enter a new decade, a new class of device is being brought to market by a number of vendors. This device, a notepad sized smart phone-like device called a tablet, will soon be everywhere.

Although numerous devices are already available for purchase today, the most anticipated of these machines is an unannounced product from Apple, thought to be called the "iSlate" or "iTablet".

(image: Gizmodo)

The form factor of this new class of machine offers a similar experience to that of a smart phone, but with a larger and more spacious screen, much like a sheet of paper.

This type of computer has the potential to be particularly suited to the healthcare industry, and may end up being the specific catalyst which drives EMR adoptions throughout North America.

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