Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ontario & BC eHealth scandals - OSCAR to the Rescue

From the Globe and Mail:

The eHealth scandals unfolding in both B.C. and Ontario can be tied by one theme: Governments can get into a "bagful of trouble" when they rush to embrace technology they don't really understand.

This week, the Ontario eHealth debacle continued to spread when the Auditor-General tied Premier Dalton McGuinty to the appointment of top officials who have resigned over untendered consulting contracts.

In British Columbia, detailed allegations of breach of trust, influence-peddling and fraud involving B.C.'s share of the federal-provincial initiative were revealed in an RCMP search warrant that names a senior government official, now retired, who headed the program. No charges have been laid.

Interestingly, the highest number of OSCAR users in Canada are in... Ontario, and British Columbia.

Coincidence? I think not. Doctors know when they are being scammed by the government.

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